LED lighting is the rise of Asia LED driver
Sep 19,2018 01:24:42 AM
LED light source for lighting the steady erosion of fluorescent lamp market, ITRI IEK energy research group leader Lin Zhixun yesterday (31) day said, estimated that in 2017 the global LED lighting market will reach 5.45 Billion yuan, accounting forthe overall lighting market penetration rate of 48%, and Asia has become theproduction and consumption of heavy heart, which will have the opportunity toreplace the Western Europe become the mainland the largest LED lightingapplications market in 2018
     LED light source for lighting the steady erosion of fluorescent lamp market, ITRI IEK energy research group leader Lin Zhixun yesterday (31) day said, estimated that in 2017 the global LED lighting market will reach 5.45 Billion yuan, accounting forthe overall lighting market penetration rate of 48%, and Asia has become theproduction and consumption of heavy heart, which will have the opportunity toreplace the Western Europe become the mainland the largest LED lightingapplications market in 2018.

     Lin Zhixun pointed out that, through government policy support, the rapid decline inproduct prices, the global LED lighting market demand rapid growth, estimated that in 2017 the global LED lighting market will grow to $2.72 Billion, annual growthrate of 35%, accounting for the overall lighting market penetration of less than 20%, as the market gradually grow up, plus the government continued to developenergy-saving regulations in 2018, will drive the permeability reaches 48%, and themarket size of $5.45 Billion.

     The LED lighting unit price continued to fall, and has continued to erode thefluorescent lamp market trends have been secured, drive LED lighting showed a high growth momentum, said Lin Zhixun, components, channel profit will be the key to the subsequent     LED lighting product prices, and estimates the growth dynamicsubstitution of the market in 2017~2018 years to reach saturation, while the demand is will gradually towards the development of a functional lighting products,estimated the global LED lighting penetration will hit 30% in 2017, and in 2018 reached 48% permeability.

From the development of the regional market, Lin Zhixun said, although the European market has a market penetration height, however, since the traditionallighting times continue down, also is the main manufacturing center of LED lighting,coupled with the mainland to development, LED lighting, so that the estimates in 2018 instead of Western Europe, and became the largest application market, LED lighting in addition, high development potential and emerging countries, Asia will be the most major markets for LED lighting production and consumption.

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