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20Watts Dali Dimming LED Driver Constant Voltage DALI/PUSH Platinum

Model No.: PE702DV

Rated Power: 20Watts

Input Voltage: 100-250V
Output Voltage: 12V, 24V
Output Current: 1670mA, 830mA

Power Factor: 0.6PF

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Attentions for DALI dimming driver with PUSH function

  1. When the power supply does not connect DALI signal, the power will activate the PUSH function and will not return to the DALI state, so when the DALI function of the DALI dimming driver will be used, the signal line needs to be first connected, then turn on it, at last turn on the power supply.

  2. When the DALI signal line is dropped, the power supply will activate the PUSH function. At this time, the DALI dimming driver needs to be turned off ,then turn on the power supply after reconnected the DALI signal, .

  3. when the power works in the PUSH mode, the following phenomena will appear:

A. The DALI dimming driver will memory the last turn off state in the PUSH mode, e.g. off, low brightness  

B.The DALI signal is connected, and the power address is not found.

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